Careve Ranch is a Friesian & Warmblood Sporthorse and Black Angus cattle breeding ranch in the Willamette Valley. Ranch goals include breeding purebred Dutch registered Friesians & Warmbloods for sport. They are in good standing with FHANA, the KFPS, AHHA, & AHS. They breed top quality horses while focusing in conformation, movement, and disposition. They carefully match approved stallions with their mares to preserve and contribute to betterment of the breed. Their plans include breeding and raising quality horses with aptitude for all disciplines. They focus on choosing mares with good temperaments, dispositions, and a willingness to work. They currently plan to raise several quality foals a year. After mom and baby have time to bond the foal is carefully imprinted, always keeping the relationship of the mare and foal paramount. All horses at Careve Ranch are handled each day while on the way to their turnout where they enjoy the fresh Oregon air, green pastures and an abundance of exercise. They encourage you to visit the ranch, meet a Friesian in the flesh, and share their love for the Friesian breed. If you have any questions about Friesian horses our Warmbloods or would like to visit, you are always welcome. They wholeheartedly believe that the Friesian horse is no ordinary breed.